Branding Debunked – 7 Common Myths

Myth #1: I’m not yet ____________________ (insert assorted insecurity here: famous/successful/important) enough to have a brand.Myth #1 Debunked: You’re right! You’re not! And without a brand you never will be.Don’t get caught in the interim trap. Using brand identifiers, such as a logo, noncommittally will significantly diminish your chances of success. Brand bouncing makes you and your company look unprofessional and unstable, wastes yours and your potential customers’ valuable time, and destroys any opportunity to build momentum.In the marketing game, you simply cannot afford to wait until you have more _______________ (insert assorted prerequisites here) to establish a strong brand – the time is now!Myth # 2: Developing and maintaining a strong, consistent brand can get expensive; I’d rather spend that money elsewhere.Myth #2 Debunked: Building a viable brand can be big bucks! But the reality is, not having a recognizable brand is so much more expensive in the long run.To avoid this common pitfall, take careful measure to develop a clearly defined core message, a strong mission statement, and a distinct tagline that accurately represent your business.Myth # 3: I can do brand all by myself! No need to consult with a professional branding and marketing expert.Myth #3 Debunked: You can do bad all by yourself – bad branding, that is! Without the knowledge and know-how that only a seasoned branding expert can offer, your company will be perceived as a rookie, an amateur.Brand development is complicated. Consumer psychology, market demographics and psychographics, aggressive marketing strategies, PR tactics, communication methods and styles – a branding specialist combines each of these highly specified areas of expertise in order to create a powerful, effective brand.If powerful and effective is what you’re looking for, employ a branding professional.Myth # 4: Good brands just happen.Myth #4 Debunked: Not so! A good brand – one that is consistent, relatable, and recognizable – is carefully constructed and micro-managed at all times.Don’t expect your company brand to fall from the sky. Know that embarking on this brand-building journey will require much of your time, thought, effort, and energy — and commit wholly to giving it your all.Myth # 5: Branding is just a business buzz word – a fad that will go out of style.Myth #5 Debunked: For over 150 years, branding has been a success catalyst for companies in every corner of the world. The business of branding shows no signs of diminishing. In fact, its strategies and methodologies are becoming more and more sophisticated by the day.A complete, well-thought-out brand is an integral part of a business’ positioning and profitability. Branding a fad? As if!Myth # 6: Just because I have an identifiable brand doesn’t mean I’ll make more money.Myth #6 Debunked: On the contrary, consumers support strong brands. Research has proven that well-branded products sell significantly better than those products that lack a definitive brand.That means that branding is proven to increase your company’s popularity, customer loyalty, sales and revenues. If branding wasn’t helping a company’s bottom line, would they invest millions, even billions of dollars on it? It is one business expense that will absolutely deliver the highest ROI. Savvy business professionals know that the loyal patronage and no-cost, word-of-mouth advertising that a strong brand fuels will most certainly make you more money!Myth # 7: If I don’t define and promote a specific brand, I won’t be branded or pigeon-holed.Myth #7 Debunked: You will be branded whether you want to be or not, so why not take control of that branding rather than allowing the public at large to define it for you.By debunking these common branding myths, you can clearly see that without the foundation of a strong brand, you will never be able to reach the levels of success that you could experience with one. Take my advice; develop a strong brand and allow your business to SOAR!

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